Workshop to Integrate Subduction Factory and Seismogenic Zone Studies in Central America

June 18-22, 2007, La Condesa Hotel
Heredia, Costa Rica

Thanks to all of you for attending the Workshop to Integrate Subduction Factory and Seismogenic Zone Studies in Central America. The Conveners and the MARGINS Office would now like constructive comments concerning the workshop organization, presentations, and venue in order help improve subsequent MARGINS events. Your response will help MARGINS judge how well the workshop fostered its goals  — to review our current understanding of the SubFac and SEIZE concepts, to define outstanding problems, and to discuss and plan future experiments and collaborations.

Please answer the questions by selecting from the 5 alternatives described below when appropriate, and submit below when you are ready.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts regarding the FUTURE DIRECTIONS of MARGINS, please contact the Steering Committee or send your message to the MARGINS Office (

1 = Very Poor/Inadequate   2 = Poor    3 = Adequate    4 = Good    5 = Very Good/Excellent


1. How would you rate the meeting format?

2. What did you think of the balance of presentations, discussions, poster sessions, and field trips?
3. How was the time allotted for:


Poster sessions?
4. How would you rate the amount you benefitted from the workshop?
5a. Was the meeting successful in the integration of SEIZE and SubFac studies in Central America?
5b. Was the meeting successful in identifying important problems to be addressed in the SEIZE and SubFac initiatives?
6. Did the presented material enhance your knowledge in areas that were not your specialty?
7. Did the workshop give you any new research ideas?
8a. Do you think that any new collaborations are likely to come out of the meeting?
8b. In regards to 8a, are you involved in any such plans?
9. Do you feel that you were given sufficient opportunity to ask questions and to make comments during the discussion sessions?

10. How would you rate the venue (Hotel La Condesa)?

11. How would you rate the assistance offered by the MARGINS Office?

12. Please describe one aspect of the program that seemed most effective to you.



13. Please describe one aspect of the program that could be changed to improve the effectiveness/enjoyment of the Workshop.



Any additional comments or expand on specific responses above:



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Again, thanks for your help with the evaluation and thank you very much for your participation in the RCL-Cortez Workshop.

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