Workshop to Integrate Subduction Factory and Seismogenic Zone Studies in Central America

June 18-22, 2007, La Condesa Hotel
Heredia, Costa Rica

Convened by: Eli Silver (UC Santa Cruz, USA), Terry Plank (Boston University, USA), Kaj Hoernle (Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel & IFM-GEOMAR, Germany), Marino Protti (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica), Guillermo Alvarado (Universidad de Costa Rica, Costa Rica), and Víctor González (Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica)

Keynote Speakers

Cesar Ranero (ICREA at CSIC, Barcelona)
"The hydrogeological system of the Middle America margin and its influence on long-term tectonics and interplate seismogenesis"
Klaus Wallman (IFM-GEOMAR)
"Subduction and Climate Feedback"
Demian Saffer (Pennsylvania State University)
TBA - Nature of seismogenic zone
Christian Hensen (IFM-GEOMAR)
"Fluid Venting in the Forearc"
Peter LaFemina (Pennsylvania State University)
"Earthquake cycle to longterm deformation of the Central American convergent margin"
Marino Protti (OVISCORI-UNA)
"Seismotectonics of Costa Rica and segmentation of the subduction zone"
Don Fisher (Pennsylvania State University)
"Evolution of the Costa Rican Forearc"
Susan Schwartz (University of California, Santa Cruz)
"Strain release along the northern Costa Rica seismogenic zone"
Steve Holbrook (University of Wyoming)
TBA - Crustal stucture
Timm John (PGP, Oslo)
"Reactive fluid flow in slabs - a metamorphic view on the origin of the slab component"
Jason Phipps Morgan (Cornell University)
Subduction, crustal genesis, and the Deep Earth Water Cycle
Marc Hirschmann (University of Minnesota)
"Volatile Cycling and Melting in Subduction Zones"
Karen Fischer (Brown University)
"Mantle structure, dynamics and melting in the Nicaragua-Costa Rica Subduction Zone"
Alison Shaw (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
"Volatile fluxes at arc volcanoes: comparing different techniques and evaluating mass balance"
Armin Freundt (IFM-GEOMAR)
"CAVA magma production rates and volcanic hazards: Some aspects based on widespread tephras"
Guillermo Alvarado (University of Costa Rica)
"Major unsolved and/or controversial topics about the Geology and Tectonics of Costa Rica: A general overview"
Maxim Portnyagin (IFM-GEOMAR)
"Melt inclusions, volatiles and their fluxes"

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