International Data Exchange Workshop

Building a Global Data Network for Studies of Earth Processes at the World's Plate Boundaries

May 9-11 , 2007
Hotel Birke
Kiel, Germany

Convened by: S. Carbotte (LDEO, USA), K. Lehnert (LDEO, USA), W. Weinrebe (IFM-GEOMAR, Germany), and S. Tsuboi (JAMSTEC-IFREE, Japan).


Presenter Title Format
Tim Ahern FDSN ppt (1.3 MB)
Wolfgang Bach Science Use Case Scenarios 2 ppt (1.3 MB)
Yannick Beaudoin, Øystein Halvorsen, & Tina Schoolmeester UNEP One Stop Data Shop ppt (8.2 MB)
Donna Blackman Ridge2000 Program Overview pdf (3.1 MB)
Jon Blower Sharing and visualizing earth science data with Web Services and Virtual Globes ppt (11.3 MB)
Bob Chen An Overview of the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS) ppt (8.5 MB)
Bob Chen CODATA Strategic Plan and Activities, 2007-12 ppt (5.8 MB)
Paolo Diviacco Seismic Database Network Access Point ppt (3.0 MB)
John Graybeal Metadata 5: Content Standards for Marine Geoscience (Basics +) pdf (2.6 MB)
John Graybeal Metadata 105: Ontologies for Marine Geoscience (What You Really Want) pdf (2.6 MB)
Christopher Fox World Data Center – Marine Geophysics ppt (2.8 MB)
Christopher Fox WDC Overview ppt (320 KB)
Jens Klump Every bit counts: Data management and data publication in the earth sciences ppt (2.8 MB)
Tim LeBas SeaDOG ppt (648 KB)
Kirsten Lehnert EarthChem&SESAR ppt (6.3 MB)
Roy Lowry Plaintext to governed vocabularies: restoring order to anarchic metadata ppt (520 KB)
Steve Miller SIO Data Systems ppt (6.9 MB)
Bernard Miville IODP Data Systems ppt (3.0 MB)
Benoît Pirenne NEPTUNECanada, Data Management and Archiving System (DMAS) ppt (2.4 MB)
Eva Ramirez-Llodra & Maria Baker ChEssBase & OBIS ppt (7.9 MB)
William Ryan Ridge2000/MARGINS DMS ppt (4.3 MB)
Dick Schaap SeaDataNet – Pan-European marine data system ppt (2.5 MB)
Katsuhiko Shiomi NIED Data Systems ppt (9.6 MB)
Tom Shipley Marine Seismic Data Center ppt (12.7 MB)
Mickael Trueger & Eric Moussat IFREMER Data Systems ppt (5.6 MB)
Seiji Tsuboi IFREE/JAMSTEC Data Systems ppt (6.4 MB)
Hans-Jürgen Wallrabe-Adams WDC-MARE ppt (13.2 MB)

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