AGU Joint Assembly 2005

Sessions Related to MARGINS Science

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Dates: May 23–27, 2005

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ED03:     Scientist/Educator Partnerships: A Paradigm for Successful Education and Public Outreach Programs

ED04:     Geoscience Education and Outreach in the Americas: Opportunities for North-South Collaboration

G02:       Regional and Global-Scale Plate Kinematics and Dynamics From Geodetic, Geological, and Geophysical Observations

G04:       Integrating Geodetic, Geologic, and Geophysical Data in Extensional Plate Boundary Zones

G05:       Hydrology From Space: Applications of Space Geodesy to Problems in Surface and Subsurface Water Flow and Storage

G10:       Geologic and Geodetic Constraints on Geodynamic Models

H03:       Remote Sensing, Hydrology, and Field Experiments

H04:       Integrated Approaches in Hydrological Process Studies

H09:       Storage and Delivery of Fluvial Sediment to Ocean Margins

H11:       Hydrologic Time Series Analysis

H20:       Large Continental Rivers

H26:       Roles of Wetlands at Multiple Scales: Biological, Geochemical, and Hydrological Interactions

MR01:     Mineral and Rock Physics General Contributions

NG03:     Modeling and Analyzing Multiscale Phenomena in Earth and Geospace Systems

S03:       Monitoring Fluid Flow in and Around Fault Zones

S04:       New Advances in Seismic Imaging for Exploration and Solid Earth Geophysics

S07:       Integration of Rock Properties Modeling and Seismic Response Measurements in Various Tectonic Settings

T02:       Deposition, Fluid Flow, and Slope Stability in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

T03:       The Ocean-Continent Transition at Rifted Continental Margins: What Is It, How Is It Formed, and How Do We Locate It?

T06:       Exploration Geodynamics

U08:       eGY: e-Science for Geoscience

U09:       The Great Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake and Tsunami of 26 December 2004

U10:       The 28 March 2005 Northern Sumatra Earthquake

V04:       Connecting Slabs to Volcanic Arcs and the Mantle: Recent Advances in the Petrology and Geochemistry of Subduction-Related Rocks

V06:        Interpreting Volcaniclastic Sediments

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