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Assembly 2005

Sessions Related to MARGINS Science

Location: Vienna, Austria
Dates: 24-29 April
, 2005
Abstract Deadline: 21 January, 2005
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Union Symposia

US4                 EUROMARGINS dynamic processes - keynote lecture session (co-organized by SSP & TS) (co-listed in BG)

Educational Symposia

ES1                 Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) (Submission of Abstracts by Convener's Invitation only)

ES2                 Earth System Science Data Access, Distribution and Use for Education and Research

Geodesy Programme

G8/GD10         Modelling and Monitoring the Deformation and State of Stress of the Lithosphere (co-organized by GD) (co-listed in TS)

Geodynamics Programme

GD04               Lithosphere - Mantle Interaction

GD05               Mantle Plumes and Large Igneous Provinces - Geodynamical and Geochemical Aspects

GD07               Dynamics and Thermal Structure of Subduction Zones

GD08               Deep structure of the active continental margins

Geomorphology Programme

GM2                 Down from the mountains: quantifying erosion and its forcing

GM4                 Climatic and tectonic controls on the Earth's weathering system (co-listed in CL & VGP) (co-sponsored by EAG)

GM6                 Response times in landscape evolution

GM9                 Submarine erosion (co-listed in SSP, NH & OS)

GM10               Landscapes in the lab - experimental geomorphology, from erosion to deposition

GM12               Role of orographic precipitation, focused erosion, climate variability and extreme weather events on landscape evolution

Geophysical Instrumentation Programme

GI1                    Open session on Geophysical Instrumentation (co-listed in G, HS, MPRG, OS, SM, NH & VGP)

GI5                    Downhole Instrumentation: Technology and Applications (co-listed in GM, PS, SSP & VPG)

GI6                    Ground and Sea Bed Geophysical Survey Instrumentation (co-listed in SM, OS, VGP & HS)

Hydrological Sciences Programme

HS20                 Long term monitoring of sediment yield and sediment discharge (co-listed in GM)

HS21                 Hillslope and catchment connectivity: dynamics, scale, evaluation and prediction (co-listed in BG)

HS41                 Erosion and sediment yield modelling at large basin scales (co-listed in GM)

Magnetism, Paleomagnetism, Rock Physics & Geomaterials Programme

MPRG16            Physics of the seismic process: field and laboratory data

MPRG17            Feedback mechanisms between deformation and mineral reactions: the chemical links

Ocean Sciences Programme

OS7                   Shelf Edge and Canyon Processes

OS19                 Seafloor Observatory Science: Experiences and Perspectives

Seismology Programme

SM3                  Controlled and natural source seismic investigations of crust and upper mantle

SM9/TS20         Physics and Mechanics of Earthquakes (co-organized by TS) (co-listed in GD) (co-sponsored by GD & TS)

SM10/TS22       Active deformation and lithospheric processes (co-organized by TS) (co-listed in GD)

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology Programme

SSP1                 Open session on Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Paleontology

SSP10               Sedimentary systems from source to sink (Results of EU projects EUROdelta, EuroSTRATAFORM and Promess)

SSP11/TS1        EUROMARGINS: The Eduard Suess Session on Processes shaping Margin Systems

SSP13               Sequence stratigraphy: Quo vadis?

SSP23               Geoinformatics in Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleontology

Tectonics and Structural Geology Programme

TS2                   Tectonics and fluid flow at subduction zones

TS3                   Ocean plates at subduction zones: from trenches to deep slabs

TS5                   Extension and rifting of continental lithosphere: from rift to ridge

TS16                 The physico-chemical role of fluids in crustal deformation

TS17                 Weak faults vs. strong faults: potential deformation mechanisms in the upper crust

TS18                 Lithospheric scale shear zones: mechanical behavior, structural style and strain localization in the ductile and brittle field

TS29                 Plate boundary deformation: measurements and interpretation

TS33                 Fault zone architecture and permeability evolution

Volcanology, Geochemistry, Petrology & Mineralogy Programme

VGP2               Physics,chemistry and rheology of silicate liquids, glasses, and multiphase magmas

VGP8               The role of accessory minerals in rocks: petrogenetic indicators of metamorphic and igneous processes

VGP9               In situ observations of geochemical processes

VGP12             Geochemical Ins and Outs of subduction zones

VGP22/TS14    Slow to ultraslow spreading ocean ridges and magma-poor continental margins (co-organized by TS & VGP)

VGP26             Volatile recycling in subduction zones (co-listed in TS)


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