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Ocean Margin Research Conference

sponsored by the European Commission and Intergovernmental Oceanographic
Commission (IOC) and Division of Earth Sciences, UNESCO


Date: 15-17 September, 2003
Location: Paris, France
Applications: see website

The Ocean Margin Conference is aimed to increase our knowledge about the functioning of ocean margin systems. It will also promote the transatlantic cooperation for ocean margin research at present and in the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to shape the future programs.

The conference addresses topics that are of fundamental interest to most if not all ocean margin research communities. It is therefore the goal to enhance our knowledge about ocean margin systems through six major sessions:

    • Session 1 - Ocean Margin Emissions
    • Session 2 - Ocean Margin Ecosystems
    • Session 3 - Ocean Margin Shaping
    • Session 4 - Ocean Margin Acoustic Imaging
    • Session 5 - Ocean Margin Long Term Observatories
    • Session 6 - Ocean Margin Educational Networks

Information and registrations through the conference website:

Registrations can also be sent to the conference secretary:

Kai-Rune Mortensen <> or to fax #: +47-7764-5600


May 21, 2003