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Planning workshop for Future Scientific Drilling of the Indian Ocean Submarine Fans

A workshop sponsored by JOI/USSSP

Date: July 23-25, 2003
Location: University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Website: Indian Ocean Drilling workshop
Organizers: Peter Clift and Peter Molnar
Applications: before May 1st, 2003

Purpose: Containing the thickest and most extensive largest sedimentary bodies in the modern oceans, the Indian Ocean submarine fans record not only the development and erosion of high topography after India-Asia collision, but also the subsequent changes in regional and global climate. This workshop will develop a science plan to study the fans in the context of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Drilling objectives for both riser and non-riser drilling will be discussed, together with associated geophysical surveys.

Participation: Scientists working on tectonics, geomorphology, clastic sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoceanography and both regional and global paleoclimate are encouraged to apply.

To Apply: Contact workshop conveners Peter Clift (508-289-3437) or Peter Molnar (303-492-4936) by May 1, 2003 with the following information: Name, institution, contact information, a short (2 page max) CV, and a brief (half-page) statement of interest, including your potential contributions.

Limited JOI/USSSP support is available to U.S. participants.
For additional information, visit the workshop web site.

May 21, 2003