Human Impacts in the Marine Environment


Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand
23–26th August, 2005

There will be three concurrent sessions throughout most of the four days of the Human Impacts in the Marine Environment conference.

•  The 2005 Conference of New Zealand Marine Sciences Society (NZMSS) will commence on Tuesday 23rd August and run, with concurrent sessions of papers, through to Friday 26th August.

•  The Fourth International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions (MBIC) will run concurrently with NZMSS, commencing on Wednesday 24th August through to Friday 26th August.

•  The MARGINS Meeting will take place on Thursday 25th August, concurrently with both NZMSS and MBIC.

Participants in all three programmes (NZMSS, MBIC, and MARGINS) are invited to attend all sessions of the joint conference.

Monday 22 August
A welcoming ice-breaker is planned for Monday evening, at which time registration facilities will also be available.

Tuesday 23 - Thursday 25 August
The conference programme includes sessions for presentation of oral papers (each of 20 minutes duration) on all days, and also dedicated poster sessions, for discussion between authors and delegates from all programmes, after the oral sessions on Tuesday to Thursday.

A powhiri is planned for Tuesday afternoon/evening, to welcome overseas delegates who are attending the Fourth International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions and the MARGINS Meeting (with attendance limited to 150 people due to the size of the marae). The powhiri will commence at 3.45 pm (and finish before sunset), so delegates at the powhiri will miss the day's last session of papers. Those attending the powhiri will re-join the other delegates for an MBIC ice-breaker combined with registration and the first NZMSS poster session.

The Annual General Meeting of the NZMSS will be held during the lunch break on either the Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday 26 August
The combined conference dinner for delegates from all three programmes will be held on the Friday evening.

If you are planning to attend, U.S. members of S2S please contact
Steve Kuehl ( or Chuck Nittrouer

New Zealand participants please contact
Lionel Carter ( or Noel Trustrum

Last updated Friday, March 11, 2005