Multidisciplinary Workshop:

Text Box:  Integrated Collaborations in Cascadia and the Walker Lane/Salton Trough

March 27, 2007

8:00 am - 2:45 pm
Redwood Room, Portola Plaza Hotel
Monterey, California

Convened by: Geoff Abers (Boston University), Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Program Committee: Tim Melbourne (Central Washington University), Anne Trehu (Oregon State University), Paul Wallace (University of Oregon), Roger Buck (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Susanne Janecke (Utah State University), Danny Stockli (University of Kansas) and Paul Umhoefer (Northern Arizona University)

This multidisciplinary workshop will explore potential joint efforts between MARGINS and EarthScope/GeoSwath in the Cascadia subduction zone (a SubFac Allied Site of MARGINS) and the Walker Lane/ Salton Trough extensional corridor. Geophysical measurements are currently ongoing in the area by the EarthScope Transportable and Flexible Arrays and by the Plate Boundary Observatory, and all are relevant to MARGINS initiative goals. The workshop will last 1 day just prior to the March 2007 EarthScope National Meeting in Monterey, CA.
The EarthScope facility provides unprecedented tools for imaging the strain and structure of North America. To date, funded EarthScope projects have been largely geophysical, with relatively little integrated studies, because of the nature of the facility, and have been only on shore. By contrast, the MARGINS Program provides a structure and intellectual framework for integrative studies across active continental margins. MARGINS limits field efforts to Focus Sites, which except for the Salton Trough do not overlap with EarthScope targets. As MARGINS reaches the latter part of its decadal cycle, it becomes increasingly apparent that some studies may not be possible within Focus Sites, but are critical to the success of the program.
This workshop aims to document fruitful problems of mutual interest in Cascadia and the Walker Lane / Salton Trough areas, and bring together geoscientists interested in multidisciplinary research in these two areas, to discuss future plans.

Applications for travel support close on February 15, 2007
Partial travel support is available through the MARGINS Office and EarthScope/GeoSwath

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This workshop is sponsored by MARGINS and EarthScope, and run jointly by GeoSwath and the MARGINS Office.


MARGINS and EarthScope are NSF funded programs

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