Multidisciplinary Workshop:

Text Box:  Integrated Collaborations in Cascadia and the Walker Lane/Salton Trough

March 27, 2007

8:00 am - 2:45 pm
Redwood Room, Portola Plaza Hotel
Monterey, California

Convened by: Geoff Abers (Boston University), Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Program Committe: Tim Melbourne (Central Washington University), Anne Trehu (Oregon State University), Paul Wallace (University of Oregon), Roger Buck (Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory), Susanne Janecke (Utah State University), Danny Stockli (University of Kansas) and Paul Umhoefer (Northern Arizona University)


Presenter Title Format
Geoff Abers MARGINS science overview and interests ppt (3.4 MB)
Gary Axen Salton Trough tectonic evolution, deformation history, lithosphere structure ppt (14.1 MB)
Dave Chadwell/Kevin Brown Offshore geodetic monitoring ppt (1.6 MB)
Jim Faulds Walker Lane tectonic evolution, deformation, magmatism, lithosphere structure ppt (50.4 MB)
Matt Fouch/Tim Grove High Lava Plains CD experiment ppt (11.5 MB)
Tom Pratt High resolution seismics and urban seismic hazards ppt (56.4 MB)
Tom Sisson Volcano hazards studies of Cascade stratovolcanoes ppt (19.6 MB)
Danny Stockli Walker Lane workshop on EarthScope/GeoSwath html
Anne Trehu Central Cascadia margin – earthquakes and crustal structure ppt (17.8 MB)
Paul Umhoefer Linking MARGINS and EarthScope; lead into discussion ppt (7.9 MB)
Ray Wells An overview on the Cascadia Subduction Zone – Lithospheric structure deformation history, and earthquake hazard ppt (28.2 MB)

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This workshop is sponsored by MARGINS and EarthScope, and run jointly by GeoSwath and the MARGINS Office.


MARGINS and EarthScope are NSF funded programs

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