Izu-Bonin-Mariana Subduction System

Presentation Information
for Speakers/Posters

For PowerPoint presentations:
  • Most importantly: Please make transparencies of your PowerPoint slides as a backup, in case technology decides it's time for revenge just in your time slot...
  • The following PowerPoint versions can be used:
    • Windows: PowerPoint 97, 2000, and 2002
    • Macintosh: PowerPoint 98, 2001, and X
  • The following versions cannot be used:
    • PowerPoint 3 or 4 (any platform)
  • If you use PowerPoint 2002, some special effects cannot be used, e.g. simultaneous timelines and animations.
  • An Epson PowerLite 50c projector that works at 800 x 600 pixels and has a standard VGA plug with cable will be used at the meeting.
  • Please bring your presentations on either CD-ROM or Zip Disks (100 or 250 MB).
  • Some suggestions for making effective PowerPoint presentations can be found here:

Poster information:
  • We are renting poster boards that are "8ft long by 4ft high"; we are assured that in practice this means that the area to which we may pin (or Velcro) posters is 94.5" (7ft 10.5") wide and 46" (3ft 10") high. Posters can be taller and hang off the bottom of the board: the bottom of the poster board is 30.5" (2ft 6.5") above the ground.
  • You have been assigned a specific poster width, in inches - see the attachments IBM_poster_layout.xls and IBM_poster_layout.pdf, (versions 27 August, originally distributed 8/22/02). For questions contact Simon Klemperer.
  • Any poster that is only 46" high will fit neatly onto the board. Posters up to 76" high can be pinned to the board and hang freely below (though the lowest part of your poster will be hard to read).
  • You may have to span across two poster boards pushed side-by-side.
  • Our supplier notes: "If you are spanning a poster between two boards and it is a paper poster, it should be no problem; however if it is a very rigid poster then you may have to be creative."
  • We would like to include as much material on this web site as possible. Attendees can then download this material prior to the meeting, read it on the long plane flight to Hawaii, and better prepare to enter in to the discussion at the meeting. The more you are able to share with others before the meeting via the web-site, the more interaction you can hope for at the meeting!
  • What the MARGINS Office would like from you now, at a minimum, is an abstract for your poster presentation in, preferrably in plain text (ASCII), RTF or Word format, but most word processor formats can be accepted. It would be great if you can also include some figures from your poster. If you already submitted an abstract with your initial application to the meeting and want to use that abstract for your poster, please let the MARGINS Office know. We hope to add more material to this site as time goes on. Therefore, if your poster is available in electronic form, we would like to obtain a PDF of your entire poster either before or at the time of the meeting, for posting on the final web site.
  • Posters should be put on display before the icebreaker starts at 7 pm Sunday; and removed at the end of the meeting, 5:30 pm Thursday.
Last updated Friday, January 14, 2005