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MARGINS Theoretical Institute
The Seismogenic Zone Revisited

Presentation Guidelines
for speakers/poster makers

Please direct any questions about presentations to
the MARGINS Office.

One Compaq-IPaq MP2810 LCD projector (XGA resolution; 1024x768 pixels), one slide projector, one overhead projector and one whiteboard will be available for your presentations. Two screens will be in place at all times.

PowerPoint presentations:
  • Most importantly: Please make transparencies of your PowerPoint slides as a backup, in case technology decides it's time for revenge just in your time slot...
  • The presentations will be run from a Macintosh computer running Mac OS X (10.2.4) and Microsoft PowerPoint X (revision 1.1.3).
  • The following PowerPoint versions can be used:
    • Windows: PowerPoint 97, 2000, and 2002
    • Macintosh: PowerPoint 98, 2001, and X
  • The following versions cannot be used:
    • PowerPoint 3 or 4 (any platform)
  • If you use PowerPoint 2002, some special effects cannot be used, e.g. simultaneous timelines and animations.
  • Please bring your presentations on either CD-ROM or Zip Disks (100 or 250 MB), and give them to the MARGINS Office as soon as as possible after arriving ot Snowbird. If you wish to send your presentation in advance, please do so.
    Animations - please do not use the AVI format. There are at least 17 different AVI codecs, some of which are specific to certain versions of the Windows operating system, making it impossible to guarantee that an AVI animation will play properly on any system. Please use either animated GIF files, MPEG or Quicktime, all of which will work. Make sure to include a stand-alone animation file on your disk.
    Placing text or tables directly from MS Word and MS Excel often gives unexpected and undesired results, so avoid this if possible.
  • Additional suggestions for making effective PowerPoint presentations can be found here:

Poster information:
  • We are renting poster boards that are 2.4 x 1.2 m (8ft long by 4ft high). If your poster is to fit comfortably it needs to be a little smaller than this.
  • You may of course make you poster taller, so that its lower part hangs from the poster board. However, this is not recommended, since this part of the poster will only be legible for kneeling people.
  • We would like to include as much material on this web site as possible. If you have electronic originals please send them to the MARGINS Office or give them to him at the meeting for posting on the website.

Updated 3 March, 2003

Last updated Monday, October 27, 2003