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Newsletter No. 25, Fall 2010 (19.9 MB)
MARGINS-GeoPRISMS joint issue. Science Articles: US Extended Continental Shelf Project; Magneto-tellurics and the Subduction Factory. MARGINS Chair Report; Thanks from NSF; Spring 2010 MSC Highlights; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal; GeoPRISMS at AGU
Newsletter No. 24, Summer 2010 (3.3 MB)
Science Article; GeoPRISMS - the MARGINS successor program; MSPW MARGINS Successor Planning Workshop report; Volatiles TEI meeting summary; Education and Outreach planning meeting report; GeoPRISMS-MARGINS DLP; Postdocs. MARGINS Chair Report; Fall 2009 MSC Highlights; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal; MARGINS Student Prize; MARGINS-NSF Awards; Upcoming Workshop: GeoPRISMS RIE Implementation Workshop
Newsletter No. 23, Fall 2009 (10.71 MB)
Science Article; S2S Meeting, RCL Meeting, Lau Rapid Response, Cascadia Meeting, Education and Outreach: Mini-lessons, DLP, Postdocs; MARGINS Chair Report; Spring 2008 MSC Highlights; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal; MARGINS at AGU; MARGINS-NSF Awards; MARGINS Office Staff; Upcoming Workshop: MARGINS Successor; MARGINS Steering Committee
Newsletter No. 22, Spring 2009 (1.46 MB)
Science Article: Aleutian Subduction: A Scientific Opportunity whose Time has Returned, Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics CSDMS and what it means in the MARGINS Context; MARGINS Chair Report; MSC Response to Decadal Review Report; MARGINS Decadal Review and Status of the FY10 Budget; Fall 2008 MSC Highlights; SEIZE 2008 Workshop Report; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal;MARGINS Distinguished Lectureship Program; MARGINS-NSF Awards 2009; MARGINS Steering Committee

Newsletter No. 21, Fall 2008 (2.9 MB)
Science Article: Research in the Gulf of California Salton Trough focus site; MARGINS Chair Report; Spring 2008 MSC HIghlights; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Portal; MARGINS Education: Moving from Development to Testing to Dissemination; MARGINS at AGU; MARGINS Office Staff; MARGINS-Themed Special Issues and Books; MARGINS Steering Committee

Newsletter No. 20 , Spring 2008 (2.8 MB) - Best read in Adobe Acrobat
Science Article: SEIZE Initiative/From the MARGINS Chair; Steering Committee Meeting; News From NSF; MARGINS Workshop Reports: IBM 2007, RCL at AGU; Datatbase Report; MARGINS Future; Publications; Education and Outreach: Postdoctoral Fellows, AGU Student Prizes, Distinguished Lecture Program, MARGINS Mini Lessons; 2008 NSF Awards; MARGINS Office

Newsletter No. 19, Fall 2007 (4.7 MB)
MARGINS Workshop Reports: Central America, Geohazards in Oregon, Global Data Network; From the MARGINS Chair; Data Management report (MGDS Status); Education and Outreach: CCLI Mini-Lessons Report, PostDoc Biographies; MARGINS at AGU: Student Prize, Mini-Workshops, Student and Community Reception, Sessions of Interest; Ocean Sciences Meeting 2008: Sessions of Interest

Newsletter No. 18, Spring 2007 (7.5 MB)
Science Article: Water in Arcs; From the MARGINS Chair; Data Management reports (MGDS Status and SedDB); MARGINS Workshop reports (IBM at AGU, Central America at AGU, MARGINS at EarthScope, S2S 2006 TEI, Continental Breakup); Education and Outreach (MARGINS Student Prize, MARGINS Lectures, MARGINS Office Move, Volcanoes of Nicaragua); Steering Committe Highlights; 2007 MARGINS-NSF Awards; Postdoctoral Fellows

Newsletter No. 17, Fall 2006 (7 MB)
Workshop Report: Interpreting Upper-Mantle Images; From the MARGINS Chair; Steering Committee Highlights; Red Sea Special Section: Overview, Thermochronometric constraints on tectonic and geomorphic evolution of the northern and central Saudi Arabian, Seismic Structure of the Arabian Shield Lithosphere and Red Sea Margin, Geodetic constraints on Rupturing of Continental Lithosphere along
the Red Sea; MARGINS at AGU Fall Meeting 2006: MARGINS Student and Community Reception announcement, Sessions Related to MARGINS Science; Call for Interdisciplinary MARGINS Workshops

Newsletter No. 16, Spring 2006 (6.8 MB)
Science Article: Sediment accumulation on shelf edges, adjacent slopes, and basin floors of the Gulf of Papua (color figures); From the MARGINS Chair; RCL: Status of RCL, Report on RCL-Cortez Workshop (color figures); ORION: Community Priorities for an ORION Global Ocean Observatory, Recommendations from MARGINS Steering Committee, A Plate Boundary Observatory on the Mariana Forearc, A Plate Boundary Observatory at Costa Rica; Education and Outreach: MARGINS Distinguished Lectureship Program 2006-2007, Spotlight on Joann Stock, Results of MARGINS Student Prize competition-Fall AGU 2005; Steering Committee highlights; Database report; Report on IODP mini-workshop on Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc system; MARGINS-NSF Awards 2006
Newsletter No. 15, Fall 2005 (2.9 MB)
Science Articles: The October 2004 Mw=7.1 Nicaragua earthquake: Rupture process, aftershock locations, and the confluence of SEIZE and SubFac goals, SubFac: Status and Future Directions , S2S Meetings Update; From the MARGINS Chair; CSDMS Infrastructure; EPO Spotlight - Rosemary Hickey-Vargas; MARGINS at AGU: MARGINS Sessions, Other Sessions of Interest, MARGINS Lecture and Reception
Newsletter No. 14, Spring 2005 (1.7 MB)
Science Article: The 3-D Architecture of the Nankai Trough Accretionary Wedge and the Development of the Seismogenic Zone; From the MARGINS Chair; RCL Workshop Announced; Status Report on the MARGINS Data Management System; Handling of Non-marine Data and Metadata in the MARGINS Data Management System; MARGINS Distinguished Lectureship Program; Event Response: Anatahan Volcano; Sessions and Workshops; Spotlight on Education; Steering Committee Highlights, Spring 2005; MARGINS-NSF Awards 2005

Newsletter No. 13, Fall 2004 (2 MB)
Science Articles: Gulf of California NARS-Baja Seismic Array, and SEIZE in Central America; InterMARGINS "Modeling the Extensional Deformation of the Lithosphere" Workshop Report; Spotlight on Education and Public Outreach; MARGINS at AGU 2004; From the Chair; Initiative Updates; Steering Committee Highlights

Newsletter No. 12, Spring 2004 (1.3 MB)
Science Articles: 2003 Anatahan Eruption, and S2S in Papua New Guinea; From the MARGINS Chair; Seismic Survey Cruises; Funded Programs 2004; New Look for Website; MARGINS Office Moves; Data Management; MARGINS Prize; Steering Committee Open; InterMARGINS "Modeling the Extensional Deformation of the Lithosphere" Workshop; Steering Committee Mtg.; MARGINS Publications

Newsletter No. 11, Fall 2003 (2.4 MB)
Rupturing Continental Lithosphere: Initiatives and Collaborative Research Goals (science article); From the Chairman’s Desk; Source-to-Sink Waipaoa 2003 Workshop Report; MARGINS Focus Site Data Management; MARGINS-Related Sessions at the Fall 2003 AGU Meeting; and more....

Newsletter No. 10, Spring 2003 (1 MB)
ODP Leg 205 Costa Rica SubFac and SEIZE research (science article); MARGINS Budget, marine mammals, and the Anatahan eruption and MARGINS event response (editorial); Geologic data management within MARGINS; SEIZE 2003 Theoretical Institute report; Marine mammals and acoustic research; EUROMARGINS; Funded programs 2003; MARGINS Post-docs; and more...

Newsletter No. 9, Fall 2002 (2.1 MB)
Data Management in the Earth Sciences special issue
New Zealand Rivers (science article); Marine Mammals and Research in Foreign Countries (editorial); IBM 2002 workshop report; Subduction Zone Dynamics workshop report; New NSF-OCE Data Policy, WDC-MARE/PANGEA: a convenient RDBMS partner with MARGINS; MG&G Database management at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; UTIG Experience of Seismic Reflection Data Access; Ridge 2000 Intergated Study Site Data Policy, Data Management, and Databases; A GERM Perspective on MARGINS Databases; Examples from Boomerang 8 and the Virtual research Vessel; MARGINS Steering Committee News, and more...

Newsletter No. 8, Spring 2002 (2.6 MB)
Collaborative Visualization in the Earth and Ocean Sciences; Costa Rica/Nicaragua Geophysics Update; Editorial: MARGINS Budget, Organization of MARGINS (NSF, Review Panel, Steering Committee); Workshop reports: Community Sediment Model, Borderlands, Nankai and Central America Town Meetings, MARGINS-NSF Post-Doc Announcement; Funded Programs 2002; Steering Committee Meeting Highlights; Publication Number; Logo Use
Newsletter No. 7, Fall 2001 (1.2 MB)
Gulf of California rifting Article, RCL Red Sea initiative status,Central America workshop, Source-to-Sink Research program, EarthScope workshop, MARGINS Data Policy, MARGINS Post-doctoral fellowship, and more...
Newsletter No. 6, Spring 2001 (4.3 MB)
SEIZES Costa Rica Article, Workshop reports from Gulf of California, Red Sea/Gulf of Suez, Lake Tahoe, SubFac TEI in Eugene, Nankai Town Meeting, Funded proposals, the new MARGINS Office at Lamont, and more..
Newsletter No. 5, Fall 2000 (2.7 MB)
Source to Sink Workshop report, MARGINS Funded Programs 2000, and workshop reports for EuroMARGINS, PBO/Earthscope, and "Rupturing Continental Lithosphere" initiative....
Newsletter No. 4, Fall 1999 (5.1 MB)
Source to Sink Workshop, MARGINS Funded Programs 1999, Drilling Input to the Subduction Factory: ODP Leg 185, Seafloor Borehole Observatories (NEREIDs) at Japan Trench Seismogenic Zone, Fluid Seeps at Continental MARGINS...
Newsletter No. 3, Spring 1999 (5.0 MB)
What's Happening, Source to Sink, Rheology and Deformation, Inside the Subduction Factory, Leg 180 Woodlark Basin, SUBSCAN...
Newsletter No. 2, Fall 1998 (2.1 MB)
Nankai Trough, Woodlark Basin, Subduction Factory Summary workshop report and abstracts, Leg 186 Japan Trench...

Newsletter No. 1, Spring 1998 (1.2 MB)
Why MARGINS?, Scientific Problems, Research Strategies, Science Initiatives, SEIZE and Shallow Water Drilling workshop reports, Leg 185 Izu Bonin Mass Balance...

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