MARGINS Revised and
Updated Science Plans

Below please find a link to a PDF file (107 pages, 10.2 MB) containing the complete set of Science Plans for the four MARGINS scientific initiatives: Rupturing of Continental Lithosphere (RCL) and the birth of an ocean, Subduction Factory (SubFac), the Seismogenic Zone (SEIZE), and Source to Sink (S2S).

All four science plans are recently updated as of September 2003. This integrated version of the science plans also includes a preface from NSF Program Director Bilal Haq, an executive summary, and an historic overview of the MARGINS Program.

Scientific comments on the contents of the document are welcome. Please send all comments to the MARGINS Office.

This version has been published in hard copy by the Lamont-Doherty MARGINS Office and mailed to all members of the MARGINS mailing list. This version is freely downloadable, and the printed versions are available by mail to others upon request from the MARGINS Office.

Download PDF "MARGINS Draft Science Plans 2010"

Download PDF "MARGINS Science Plans 2004"

Download PDF "MARGINS Rapid Event Response Policy"

Download NSF-OCE "Clarification on Permitting and Clearance Procedures for Projects Using
Seismic Reflection Equipment in Water Under Jurisdiction of Foreign Governments."

See Program Director, Bilal Haq's, comments on the Red Sea becoming an Ancillary Site

MARGINS is an NSF funded program

The MARGINS Office is Hosted by Columbia University

Last updated Wednesday, June 30, 2010