S2S Focus Site: Papua New Guinea

This page is the home for data, figures, references and information relevant to the Source to Sink (S2S) Initiative and Papua-New Guinea focus area. If you have questions, suggestions, or if you want to submit or post data here, please contact the MARGINS Office, who will be happy to try to help you.

Focus Areas: New Zealand
New Zealand Focus Area Map
Papua New Guinea
  Papua New Guinea Focus Area Map
Meetings: S2S TEI: Teleconnections Between Source and Sediment Dispersal Systems, Sept. 2006
Meeting pages contain abstracts, bibliographies, presentations, lecture notes and much more information. Waipaoa Focus Area workshop 2003
Lake Quinault workshop 1999 (also published in MARGINS Newsletter #4)
Documents: Source-to-Sink Science Plan
NSF-funded MARGINS Source-to-Sink awards
S2S White Paper "Building A Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System"
Graphics: MARGINS Presentation materials
Related Web Links: Reading Earth History in Papua New Guinea - 2004 S2S Cruise Website
Papua New Guinea S2S pages at Virginia Institute of Marine Science
  New Zealand S2S pages at Indiana State University

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