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NSF-MARGINS Workshop on the
Waipaoa Focus Area


Gisborne, Wellington, New Zealand, May 4-9, 2003

Date: May 4-9, 2003
Location: Gisborne, Wellington, New Zealand
Organizers: Steven Kuehl, Lionel Carter, Basil Gomez, Noel Trustrum
Applications: Application Period Expired

The MARGINS Source-to-Sink community invites applications for an educational and planning workshop for the Waipaoa focus area to be held in Gisborne/Wellington New Zealand, May 4-9, 2003. The goals of this workshop are: 1) to educate participants on recent, ongoing and future planned studies of the Waipaoa margin; 2) to stimulate collaborative working relationships amongst the participants, particularly between NZ scientists conducting research in the area and US scientists who wish to collaborate through potential future NSF-supported programs; and, 3) to generate a template for cooperative NZ-US research consistent with Margins Source-to-Sink goals for the Waipaoa focus area. The workshop will include an educational component highlighting the most recent research results through field trips and key-note presentations in Gisborne and Palmerston North. Final discussion and planning sessions will be held in Wellington.

Participants targeted for this workshop are primarily those who intend to actively pursue Source-to-Sink field and/or modeling studies of the Waipaoa focus area. In addition, we seek participants who can facilitate communication and integration with the broader efforts of the modeling and experimental sediment communities. Finally, we encourage applications from participants in the Papua New Guinea Source-to-Sink MARGINS study and other similar studies to facilitate the Source-to-Sink goal of focusing experiments to elucidate significant contrasts between sedimentary environments.

Complete instructions for applications are posted at the workshop web pages within the MARGINS web site. All applications should be submitted via this (inactivated).

Applications close on 15 January, 2003 with participant selection by 1 February, 2003.

Workshop Report Available Here

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