Ancillary RCL Focus Site: Red Sea

As of 2006, the Red Sea has been designated as a MARGINS ancillary Focus Site. Please see this for details.

This page is the home for data, figures, references and information relevant to the Rupturing of Continental Lithosphere (RCL) Initiative and Red Sea/Gulf of Suez ancillary focus area. If you have questions, suggestions, or if you want to submit data, please contact the MARGINS Office, which will be happy to assist you.

Focus Areas: Gulf of California
  Gulf of California Focus Area Map
  Northern Red Sea/Gulf of Suez (ancillary)
  Red Sea Ancillary Focus Area Map
Meetings: InterMARGINS Workshop: "Modeling the Extensional Deformation of the Lithosphere" (IMEDL 2004), Pontresina, Switzerland
  MARGINS Red Sea workshop 2001, Sharm-el-Sheik
Meeting pages contain abstracts, bibliographies, presentations, lecture notes and much more information. MARGINS Gulf of California workshop 2000, Puerto Vallarta
Rheology & deformation TEI 2000, lecture notes
Snowbird RCL workshop 2000 (announcement)
Documents: Rupturing Continental Lithosphere Science Plan
  MARGINS Data Policy
  Legal info for research cruises in Mexican waters
  NSF-OCE fleet security guidelines, implications for MARGINS research in the Red Sea
  Proposal: The NARS-Baja project
  Proposal: Gulf of California rifting
  NSF-funded MARGINS RCL awards
Graphics: MARGINS Presentation materials
Links: Space Geodetic Velocity Field for Western North America


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