What is Source-to-Sink (S2S)?

Most of the events that shape the Earth's surface both above and below sea level leave a record of their impacts in the sediment sequences that accumulate on continental margins. Yet, despite decades intensely studying sedimentary systems, much remains to be understood. The overarching goal of the MARGINS Source-to-Sink initiative is to develop a quantitative understanding of margin sediment dispersal systems and associated stratigraphy. A predictive capability for dispersal-system behavior has critical implications for understanding geochemical cycling (e.g., carbon), ecosystem change (tied to global warming and sea-level rise), and resource management (e.g., soils, wetlands, groundwater, and hydrocarbons). The Source-to-Sink Focus Initiative aims to address the following fundamental questions:

  1. What processes control the rate of sediment and solute production in a dispersal system?
  2. How does transport through the system alter the magnitude, grain size, and delivery rate to sediment sinks?
  3. How is variability of sediment production, transport, and accumulation in a dispersal system preserved by the stratigraphic record?

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S2S web pages:

Focus Areas: New Zealand
New Zealand Focus Area Map
Papua New Guinea
  Papua New Guinea Focus Area Map
Meetings: S2S Synthesis Meeting, Gisbourne, New Zealand, April 5-9, 2009.
  S2S TEI: Teleconnections Between Source and Sediment Dispersal Systems, Sept. 2006
Meeting pages contain abstracts, bibliographies, presentations, lecture notes and much more information. Waipaoa Focus Area workshop 2003
Lake Quinault workshop 1999 (also published in MARGINS Newsletter #4)
Documents: Source-to-Sink Science Plan
Long cores from the Waipaoa focus area available to MARGINS S2S community
NSF-funded MARGINS Source-to-Sink awards
S2S White Paper "Building A Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System"
Graphics: MARGINS Presentation materials
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