MARGINS Education and Outreach Program
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The MARGINS Education and Outreach program aims to broadly communicate and enhance the impact of MARGINS science and research to the wider earth sciences community and general public. Education and outreach activites fall into two broad catagories: Resources, and Programs and Events.

Programs and Events

  • MARGINS mini-lessons are teacher-ready modules for the undergraduate-level classroom. They cover a wide range of MARGINS science and are hosted by SERC. Mini-lessons have been added from the May 2009 workshop. They include Don Reed's Nankai Virtual Voyage. View the GeoMapApp/Mini-lessons webinar.
  • The Distinguished Lectureship Program provides for up to eight MARGINS researchers each year to visit a broad range of colleges across the nation and present technical and public lectures focussed upon MARGINS research. The program is very popular, and colleges not normally associated with MARGINS research are encouraged to apply. This program has been in place since 2005.
  • The annual MARGINS Student Prize for Outstanding Presentation at the Fall AGU Meeting, aims to motivate students on MARGINS-related research. This program, running since 2003, rewards and highlights student presentations.
  • The MARGINS student and community reception, an annual open event at the Fall AGU Meeting, provides a forum for MARGINS students and researchers as well as members of the broader community to mingle and chat with MARGINS steering committee members and NSF program managers. Annually, about 300 people attend the event.
  • A broad range of workshops and meetings sponsored by MARGINS has attracted over 900 different scientists and range from mini-workshops to large Theoretical and Experimental Institutes.


  • MARGINS research nuggets compiled as part of the 2009 Decadal Review documentation. These one-page summaries show the scale and scope of MARGINS-funded science and provide a view of today's knowledge.
  • A wide variety of speaker presentations from MARGINS-sponsored workshops provide a valuable resource for educators at all levels looking for PowerPoint (tm) slides to augment their class material.
  • The MARGINS newsletter contains current MARGINS news, reports and articles. Published twice yearly, the newsletter is mailed to about 1,300 recipients.
  • The MARGINS Data Portal hosted by the Marine Geoscience Data System at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory provides convenient access to MARGINS data, and with tools including GeoMapApp (view GeoMapApp webinar) and Virtual Ocean offers versatile data visualization and manipulation.

MARGINS Education Advisory Committee (MEAC):

The education and outreach initiative of MARGINS is coordinated by the MARGINS Education Advisory Committee (MEAC), which advises the Steering Committee. Current MEAC members are:

Ex Officio:

  • Geoff Abers, MARGINS chairman, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory,

  • Andrew Goodwillie, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, andrewg at

MARGINS is an NSF funded program

The MARGINS Office is Hosted by Columbia University

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