MARGINS Prize for
Outstanding Student Presentations

The MARGINS Office and Steering Committee are offering two $500 prizes for Outstanding Student Presentations on MARGINS-related science at the annual AGU Fall Meeting in San Franciscos. Applicaions open in the Fall.

MARGINS is an NSF-supported organization that seeks to facilitate outstanding interdisciplinary research on continental margins, with a focus on Rupturing Continental Lithosphere (RCL), Seismogenic Zone (SEIZE), Source-to-Sink (S2S), and the Subduction Factory (SF). All of the above initiatives are described in detail in our MARGINS Science Plans. A PDF file of the entire publication is available at the link below.

One prize is awarded for Best Poster Presentation and one for Best Oral Presentation. The prizes highlight the important role of student research in accomplishing MARGINS science goals, and encourages cross-disciplinary input to the program. Any student who is first author and presenting a poster or oral presentation is eligible. Students from the international community and the US are encouraged to apply.

To be considered, students must apply via the MARGINS website, including a brief statement of how their research contributes to some aspect of the MARGINS Science Plans. This statement is important, as it may be used to pre-screen entrants for relevance, and may be considered in the final choice of the winner. Please note that students are not required to be working on a MARGINS-funded project in order to be eligible to enter the competition. AGU presentations are judged by present and past members of the MARGINS Steering Committee, and scientists and educators in MARGINS-related fields. Presentations are evaluated on content and presentation, following AGU guidelines.

The winner and honorable mentions are notified after the AGU Fall Meeting, and highlighted in the MARGINS newsletter and on the MARGINS website. Home departments are notified of the achievement.

Student Prize Application Form Opens in the Fall

MARGINS Science Plans
Download a PDF file of the entire MARGINS Science Plans.

Suggestions for an Effective Presentation
What our Judges will be looking for (PDF).

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Get a look at our winners from previous years.

Samples of past winner and honorable mention presentations

Good Luck!

Direct any inquiries about this contest or the application form to the MARGINS Office, phone 845-365-8711.


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MARGINS is an NSF funded program

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