MARGINS and MARGINS-Related NSF Awards

The information about the proposals funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) within the MARGINS program is divided into two sections:

    "MARGINS" - proposals reviewed by a MARGINS-NSF panel, and;

    "MARGINS-Related" - proposals of general importance for MARGINS and/or within a Focus Site, but not reviewed by a MARGINS-NSF panel

The awards data is provided in reverse order by award number, with the most recent number first. The list is divided by years in which an award was given. A link provided with each entry will provide more detailed information on each award, such as award amount and an abstract of the proposal. The information provided here may also be retrieved from the NSF Awards web pages.

If you are a MARGINS Award recipient, and you do not see your Award posted in either of these lists, please send information to the MARGINS Office for inclusion.

Proposal awards selected for the year 2007 will be added to these lists as quickly as possible after announcement by NSF.

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MARGINS is an NSF funded program

The MARGINS Office is Hosted by Columbia University

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