NSF-MARGINS Decadal Review 2009

MARGINS (and MARGINS-related) nuggets

In preparation for the MARGINS program decadal review, the MARGINS Office asked MARGINS PIs to provide one-page "nuggets" that summarize interesting, high-impact research results. The assembled nuggets provide a strong case for scientific achievement in MARGINS, and are invaluable in documenting the broad scope and interdisciplinary nature of the program. Nuggets are also a convenient way for PIs to showcase their best work. Nuggets that cover work closely-related to MARGINS but that were not funded by the MARGINS program are listed with authors in red.

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(U-Th)/He dating of the age and onset of rapid detachment-related cooling, Salton Trough CA
Authors: Axen

The influence of magmatism on the evolution of continental rifts
Authors: Behn, Buck

Testing the role of transtension in the opening of the Gulf of California
Authors: Bennett, Oskin, Dorsey

How Sediment Promotes Narrow Rifting: Applications to the Gulf of California
Authors: Bialas, Buck

Seismic structure of the Rivera plate beneath the Jalisco block, western Mexico, from the PESCADOR experiment
Authors: Brown, Holbrook, Paramo, Lizarralde, Axen, Fletcher, Gonzalez-Fernandez, Harding, Kent, Umhoefer

Analog and Numerical Models of Fault Patterns in Continental Rifts
Authors: Buck, Nagel, Withjack, Schlische

A Mechanically Consistent Approach to Dikes in Continental Rift Models
Authors: Buck, Qin

Episodic Late Quaternary Faulting Along the San Juan de los Planes and Saltito Fault Zones, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Authors: Busch, Coyan, Arrowsmith, Umhoefer, Martinez-Gutierrez

Large-Scale Seismic Structure in the Gulf of California from the NARS-Baja Array
Authors: Clayton, Luccio, Persaud

3-D Tomography of the Crust and Upper Mantle Beneath the Gulf Extensional Province and Baja California
Authors: Forsyth, Wang

Upper-mantle structure and seismic-slip distribution beneath the southern Gulf of California
Authors: Gaherty, Collins, Huerta, Castro

Deciphering the Role of Melt Segregation and Strain Partitioning in Rifting Continents
Authors: Holtzman

The PESCADOR Seismic Experiment in the Gulf of California
Authors: Lizarralde, Axen, Kent, Fletcher, Gonzalez-Fernandez, Harding, Holbrook, Umhoefer

Late Quaternary Faulting History Along the Northern El Carrizal Fault, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Earthquake Recurrence at a Persistently Active Rifted Margin
Authors: Maloney, Umhoefer, Arrowsmith, Martinez-Gutierrez, Santillanez

Geodetic Constraints on Continental Rifting Along the Red Sea
Authors: McClusky, Reilinger, ArRajehi, Ergintav, Daoud, Sholan, Bou-Rabee, al-Tarazi, Mahmoud, Rayan, Ogubazghi

Examining Changes in Earthquake Triggering Behavior Across the Ocean-Continent transition, Gulf of California
Authors: McGuire

Baja California kinematics from geodetic data analysis
Authors: Plattner, Malservisi, Dixon, Umhoefer, Suarez-Vidal

Lithospheric coupling as a possible driving force for Baja California
Authors: Plattner, Malservisi, Govers

Pliocene Kinematic History of the Northern Gulf of California
Authors: Stock

Seismic Imaging of New Transitional Crust in the Salton Trough Oblique Rift
Authors: Stock, Hole, Fuis

Integrated Thermochronological & Structural Investigation of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea Rift Margin: Implications for the rupturing of Continental lithosphere
Authors: Stockli, Omar, Johnson, Cosca



Origin of Barrier Reef Elucidated along the Gulf of Papua Shelf Edge
Authors: Droxler, Mallarino, Francis, Beaufort, Opdyke, Bentley, Dickens, Peterson

Self organization of tidal deltas
Authors: Fagherazzi, Overeem, Peckham

Finite Elements Model for fluvial and tidal fluxes in the Fly River delta
Authors: Fagherazzi, Overeem, Peckham

Partial Removal of Highstand Inner Shelf Muddy Clinothems During Early Sea level Fall and Contemporaneous Mud Transfer to Adjacent Upper slopes, Gulf of Papua
Authors: Francis, Carson, Jorry, Droxler, Dickens, Bentley, Peterson, Opdyke, Beaufort, de Garidal-Thoron

Geomorphodynamic Modulation of Biogeochemical Fluxes and Basin Stratigraphy of the Fly River
Authors: Goni, Lauer, Dietrich, Aufdenkampe, Aalto

Sediment Nature/Accumulation in Slope Basins Linked to Sea-Level Changes at Millennial Scale, (Pandora Trough, Gulf of Papua)
Authors: Jorry, Droxler, Mallarino, Dickens, Bentley, Beaufort, Peterson, Opdyke

Sediment trapping and bypassing in active continental margin settings: new insight from MARGINS Source-to-Sink studies
Authors: Kuehl, Miller, Alexander

Source to sink evolution of organic carbon across the Waipaoa margin, NZ
Authors: Leithold, Blair

Interpreting the biogeochemical signals of environmental change on the Waipaoa margin, NZ
Authors: Leithold, Blair

Geochemical Core Logging of Gulf of Papua Sediments for Source-to-Sink Studies
Authors: McFadden, Peterson, Bentley, Dickens, Droxler, Opdyke

Weathering-Derived Solute Budget for the Fly River, PNG
Authors: Moore (Eric), Kurtz

Gravity Flows at the Mouth of the Fly River
Authors: Nittrouer, Ogston

Sediment Transport and El Nino in Gulf of Papua
Authors: Nittrouer, Ogston

Filling of Shelf Valleys in Gulf of Papua
Authors: Nittrouer, Ogston

Modeling sediment delivery and deposition in a simple tide-dominated delta
Authors: Overeem, Peckham, Fagherazzi

Developing a Quantitative Understanding of Clinoform Formation, Gulf of Papua
Authors: Slingerland, Driscoll, Milliman, Miller, Johnstone

Community Surface Dynamics Modeling System Launched
Authors: Syvitski

The demise of a submarine canyon? Evidence for highstand infilling on the Waipaoa River continental margin, New Zealand
Authors: Walsh, Alexander, Gerber, Orpin, Sumners

Waipaoa Sedimentary System illustrates tectonic and fluvial controls on shoreline migration
Authors: Wolinsky, Swenson, Litchfield, McNinch



Spatial Variations in Apparent Stress for Subduction Zone Earthquakes Along the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Authors: Bilek, Stankova-Pursley, Phillips, Newman

Imaging 3D Seismic Velocity and Attenuation Structure Along the Seismogenic Zone of Costa Rica and Nicaragua
Authors: DeShon

Creeping versus Locking on the Costa Rica Seismogenic Zone
Authors: Dixon, Schwartz

Rheology of Altered Oceanic Lithosphere
Authors: Hirth, Escartin, Andreani, Evans

Hydrogeologic detection and finite-element modeling of a slow-slip event in the Costa Rica prism toe
Authors: LaBonte, Brown, Fialko

The Upper Transition From Seismic To Aseismic Faulting on Subduction Megathrusts
Authors: Marone, Saffer

Distinguishing Tectonic Mechanisms of Extension and Forearc Translation Near the Central American Volcanic Arc by High-Resolution Seismic Profiling in Lakes Nicaragua and Managua US/Nicaraguan Collaborative Project
Authors: McIntosh

Variations in Sediment Input at the Nankai Trough
Authors: Moore (Greg)

Three-Dimensional Seismic Data Defines Splay Fault Geometry in Nankai Trough
Authors: Moore (Greg), Bangs, Gulick, Tobin, Saffer

World’s Thickest Seismogenic Fault Rock from a Subduction Complex, Kodiak Islands, Alaska
Authors: Moore (Casey), Rowe, Meneghini, Brodsky, Yamaguchi, Tsutumi

The effect of frictional properties in subduction zones on earthquake triggerability
Authors: Savage, Brodsky

Slow Slip and Tremor Detected at the Northern Costa Rica Seismogenic Zone
Authors: Schwartz, Walter, Dixon, Psencik, Protti, Gonzalez, Thorwart, Rabbel

Modeling of Earthquake-Related Pore Pressure Changes and Fluid Flow in Subduction Zones
Authors: Screaton, Ge

Hydrothermal circulation within subducting ocean crust: Implications for subduction zone temperatures
Authors: Spinelli

Hydrogeologic responses to subduction zone temperature variability
Authors: Spinelli, Underwood, Saffer

Composition of Subduction Inputs and Its Influence on Subduction Zone Hydrogeology
Authors: Underwood, Spinelli



Imaging the Subduction Factory: The TUCAN Broadband Seismic Experiment in Central America
Authors: Abers, Fischer (Karen), Syracuse, MacKenzie, Rychert, Protti, Gonzalez, Strauch

Arc-parallel flow beneath the TUCAN Broadband Seismic Experiment in Central America
Authors: Abt, Fischer, Abers, Hoernle, Protti, Gonzalez, Strauch

Magmatic degassing histories from apatite volatile stratigraphy
Authors: Boyce, Hervig

Apatite as a monitor of late-stage magmatic volatile processes at Volcán Irazú, Costa Rica
Authors: Boyce, Hervig

3-D Crustal Structure of the Mariana Island Arc from Seismic Tomography
Authors: Calvert, Klemperer, Takahashi, Kerr

Volcanic flux rate and fluxes of highly incompatible elements
Authors: Carr, Feigenson, Swisher, Turrin

Marianas Arc - Backarc Magma Generation and Interaction
Authors: Conder

US and Japanese Collaborative Research: A Magnetotelluric (MT) Transect Across the Mariana
Authors: Evans (Rob), Chave

Izu-Bonin-Mariana across-arc variations in chlorine stable isotopes show fluid source depth profile within the subduction zone
Authors: Fischer (Toby), Barnes, Sharp

Degassing at Anatahan volcano during the May 2003 eruption: Implications from petrology, ash leachates, and SO2 emissions
Authors: Fischer (Toby), Hilton, Hauri

Volatile Chemistry, and Nitrogen Sources and Fluxes, in Subduction Zones: Insights from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc
Authors: Fischer (Toby), Hilton, Hauri

Experimental Investigation of Water Solubility in Arc Magmas at Upper Mantle Conditions
Authors: Gaetani, Hauri, O’Leary

Modeling sideswipe in 2D oceanic seismic surveys from sonar data: Application to the Mariana arc
Authors: Gunther, Klemperer, Goodliffe

H2O Subduction Beyond Arcs
Authors: Hacker

Excel Macro for Calculating Rock Physical Properties
Authors: Hacker, Abers, Peacock, van Keken

Are intermediate-depth earthquakes in subducting slabs linked to dehydration?
Authors: Hacker, Abers, Peacock, van Keken

H20 Partitioning Between Mantle Minerals and Silicate Melts
Authors: Hauri, Gaetani, O’Leary

The first historical eruption of Anatahan Volcano, CNMI
Authors: Hilton, Fischer

Outreach efforts in our studies of the IBM margin
Authors: Hilton, Fischer, Hauri

CO2 mass balance for the Central America Volcanic Front
Authors: Hilton, Fischer, Walker

He isotope variations in Nicaragua and Costa Rica
Authors: Hilton, Fischer, Walker

Determination of the physical processes underlying observed slab dynamics
Authors: Hirth, Kelemen, Billen

Effects of Rheology on Slab Dynamics
Authors: Hirth, Kelemen, Billen

The TICO-CAVA Seismic Experiment
Authors: Holbrook, Lizarralde, van Avendonk, Denyer, Mora, Alvarado, Ramírez, Bullock, Harder

Studies of the Izu Backarc
Authors: Kent, Gill, Tollstrup, Kimura

Experimental modeling of subduction zone flow and anisotropy
Authors: Kincaid, Fischer (Karen)

Crustal structure along the Costa Rican volcanic arc from the TICO-CAVA experiment
Authors: Lizarralde, Holbrook, van Avendonk, Mora, Alverado, Harder

Emplacement, growth, and gravitational deformation of serpentinite seamounts on the Mariana forearc
Authors: Oakley, Taylor (Brian), Fryer, Moore (Greg), Goodliffe, Morgan

Pacific Plate Subduction beneath the central Mariana and Izu-Bonin Forearcs: New insights from an old margin
Authors: Oakley, Taylor (Brian), Moore (Greg)

Water Content of the Mantle Wedge
Authors: Plank, Kelley, Grove, Stolper, Newman, Hauri, Wiens

A New Method for Determining the Water Content of Magmas
Authors: Plank, Wade, Hauri, Roggensack

Mantle Flow from Local S Shear Wave Splitting Across the Mariana Subduction System
Authors: Pozgay, Wiens

Seismic Attenuation Tomography in the Mariana Subduction System
Authors: Pozgay, Wiens

Investigating the processes and timescales of andesite differentiation: a comprehensive petrological and geochemical study of Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
Authors: Reagan

Magma generation in the early Mariana arc system revisited
Authors: Reagan, Hanan, Hickey-Vargas

Melt inclusion studies of IBM arc magmas
Authors: Shaw, Hauri

Slab dehydration across the Mariana arc as traced by melt inclusions
Authors: Shaw, Hauri

Arc Basalt Simulator studies of IBM and Central America Subduction Factories
Authors: Stern

Variable Cl isotopes in Izu Bonin arc volcanic rocks: Inherited or created by subduction processes?
Authors: Straub, Barnes

Pb isotopes of the Izu Bonin volcanic arc trace slab evolution through time
Authors: Straub, Goldstein, Class

Global systematics of subduction zone thermal structures
Authors: Syracuse, van Keken, Abers, Fischer (Karen)

The importance of melts of sediment and AOC in arc magma genesis: a Neodymium and Hafnium isotope perspective
Authors: Tollstrup, Gill

Seismic evidence for fluids in fault zones on top of the subducting Cocos plate beneath Costa Rica
Van Avendonk, Holbrook, Lizarralde, Mora, Harder, Bullock, Alvarado, Ramírez

Evidence for different arc basalts in Nicaragua from olivine-hosted melt inclusions
Authors: Walker, Roggensack

Light Elements and Li Isotopes Across the Northern Portion of the Central American Subduction Zone
Authors: Walker, Teipel, Ryan (Jeff), Syracuse

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MARGINS Data Management
Authors: Goodwillie, Carbotte, Ryan, Arko, O’Hara, Ferrini


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