MARGINS AGU Student Prize
Sample Past Winner and Honorable Mention Presentations

Author, Institution, Winner or Honorable Mention, Prize Year
Presentation (PDF)
Structural evolution of the Western Gulf of Corinth, Greece: A stratigraphic analysis of early phase continental rifting
Aaron Bever, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Honorable Mention 2006 Sediment dispersal in modern and mid-Holocene basins: implications for shoreline progradation and sediment bypassing, Poverty Bay, New Zealand:
Part 1 and Part 2
Quantitative Characterization of Topographical Features in Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Bathymetry Data
David Shelly, Stanford University, Honorable Mention 2006 Low Frequency Earthquake Swarms and Non-Volcanic Tremor under Shikoku, Japan
Involvement of pore water in the Izu-Ogasawara subduction process: Evidence from argon isotope ratio
Erik Kneller, University of Michigan, Winner 2005 Finite Strain in the Forearc Mantle: Testing the B-type Fabric Anisotropy Hypothesis
David Abt, Brown University, Honorable Mention 2005 Shear-wave Splitting Tomography in the Central American Mantle Wedge
Christina Plattner, Ludwig-Maximilians University (Germany), Honorable Mention 2005 Is Baja California part of the Pacific plate?
Michelle Salmon, Victoria University of Wellington (NZ), Honorable Mention 2005 Seismic Attenuation, Temperature, H2O, Mantle Melting and Rock Uplift, Central North Island New Zealand
Ian Bastow, University of Leeds (UK), Winner 2004 Upper Mantle Seismic Structure of the Northern Ethiopian Rift - a Region of Incipient Continental Breakup
Multiple Layers of Anisotropy in the Chile-Argentina Subduction Zone, South America
Subudction Dynamics and Mass Transfer: A Synthesis Model
Coupled Passive Margin Stratigraphic Evolution and Fluid Flow
Geomorphologic comparisons of shallowly buried, dendritic drainage systems on the outer New Jersey shelf with modern fluvial and estuarine analogs
Seismic Characterization of Crust On The Newfoundland Non-Volcanic Rifted Margin


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