MARGINS Workshop

"Interpreting Upper Mantle Images"
Woods Hole, MA, May 17-19, 2006

Workshop Presentations

Keynote Presentations
Wednesday, May 17
Thursday, May 18
Friday, May 19


Keynote Presentations

Presenter Presentation Title
Wednesday, May 17 Return to tops
Doug Wiens Seismological Imaging of the Subduction Factory [ppt , 16.1MB]
Dan Lizarralde Gulf of California: Some results and problems in need of mantle imaging [ppt, 26.5MB]
Don Forsyth Can we image melt with seismic surface waves? [ppt, 6.6MB]
Meredith Nettles Global and continent-scale tomography, and a stab at p, T, and X [pdf, 20.1MB]
Ian Jackson Comparison of Theory and Experimental Results on Seismic Wave Attenuation [ppt, 5.9MB]
Reid Cooper Viscoelastic Energy Dissipation: Some Constraints from Materials Physics [pdf, 4.1MB]


Thursday, May 18 Return to top

Marc Hirschmann Petrologic Constraints on Mantle Temperature and Water Content [ppt, 9.6MB]
Rob Evans Electrical Images of the Mantle: A review of Magnetotellurics [ppt, 14.4MB]
Shun-ichiro Karato Some Physical Bases for Mapping Hydrogen Content Using Geophysical Observations [ppt, 10.4MB]
Yasuko Takei Elastic and rheological properties of partially molten rocks [ppt, 16.6MB]
Uli Faul Translating Tomographic Images into a Physical State of the Upper Mantle [ppt, 9.3MB]
Magali Billen Role of Geodynamic Models in Interpreting Upper Mantle Images [ppt, 8.0MB]


Friday, May 19 Return to top

Peter van Keken Seismic anisotropy and the nature of the mantle wedge [ppt, 20.3MB]
Karen Fischer Does strong slab-parallel flow exist in the mantle wedge? [ppt, 9.1MB]

Posters Return to top

David Abt Shear-wave Splitting Tomography: Resolving Anisotropy in the Central American Mantle Wedge [pdf, 3.1MB]
Mark Behn Lower Crustal Foundering as a Mechanism for 3-D Flow in the Mantle Wedge and Trench Parallel Seismic Anisotropy [pdf, 5.2MB]
Donna Blackman
Regional Aspects of Mantle Flow, Strain-Induced Mineral Alignment, and Seismic Anisotropy Models [pdf, 2.0MB]
Amandine-Marie Cagnioncle Fluids in the wedge: potential effects of serpentinization on rheology, transport mechanisms [pdf, 3.2MB]
Colleen Dalton Global Models of Attenuation in the Upper Mantle [pdf, 3.9MB]
Jim Gaherty Do Shear Velocities of Oceanic Lithosphere Reflect Temperature Variations at the Ridge? [pdf, 2.9MB]
Samantha Hansen Shear-Wave Splitting beneath Saudi Arabia: Evidence for Plate and Density Driven Flow [pdf, 1.7MB]
Ben Holtzman How does melt influence the seismic anisotropy of partially molten upper mantle? [pdf, 7.5MB]
Erik Kneller Oliving Fabric Transitions and Trench-parallel Fast S-wave Polarization: Insights from High-resolution Subduction Zone Models [pdf, 5.6MB]
Maureen Long Shear wave splitting, anisotropy, and mantle deformation beneath SW Japan [pdf, 8.3MB]
Sara Pozgay Local S Splitting and Manlte Flow in the Mariana System [pdf, 2.3MB]
Martin Reyners Imaging subduction, magmatism and continental rifting in the central North Island, New Zealand [pdf, 997 KB]
Phil Skemer Olivine Fabric Transitions: Microstructural Constraints on Subduction Wedge Deformation and Seismic Anisotropy [pdf, 192KB]
Phil Wannamaker Upper Mantle Magmatic Diapirs, Lower Crustal Underplating, and Lithospheric Dismemberment of the Great Basin Colorado Plateau Transitions, Utah, from MT [pdf, 1.8MB]

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