Full Proposal Deadline Date: July 1, 2009

Released June 3, 2009

Full Proposal Deadline Date: July 1, 2009
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Reminder: The deadline for submitting proposals to the MARGINS solicitation, including post-doctoral fellowship proposals, is July 1, 2009. The guidelines follow the MARGINS Solicitation 07-546 (see link above); however, the July 1 2009 deadline will have somewhat different emphasis than in the past. This difference is important, emphasizing integration and synthesis activities, and will likely affect funding priorities.

The Preface from NSF's MARGINS web site (above) explains the new emphasis: "July 1, 2009 is a deadline for submittal of MARGINS proposals for FY 2010 (which starts in October 2009). FY2010 is a period of transition for the MARGINS Program, while decision is being made for the continuation of a successor program. During this transition, for the next proposal submittal deadline (July 1, 2009) MARGINS program at NSF encourages the community to submit proposals for integrative/synthesis activities under the current MARGINS Program. Proposals for new data collection efforts should be limited to short-duration efforts for filling important gaps critical to the completion of such integration and synthesis goals."Several useful documents provide more details, both on the FY2010 proposal round and on the MARGINS Review context. They may be helpful in preparing proposals, and include:

A Feb. 2009 Letter from Program Manager Bilal Haq, addressing the FY2010 proposals:

The documentation prepared for the Decadal Review, the Review Committee Report, and responses by the MARGINS Steering Committee and by NSF Program Managers:

And, as always, a variety of other material on the MARGINS web page

NSF Program Managers for MARGINS come from Ocean Sciences/MGG, Earth Sciences, and Ocean Sciences/ODP:

Bilal U. Haq (703) 292-8581
William Leeman (703) 292-7411
Deborah Smith (703) 292-7478



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