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Rupturing Continental Lithosphere: Synthesis and New Perspectives

Charleston, South Carolina
April 30 - May 2, 2009

Application Form
Deadline: January 15th, 2009

Form Instruction
Your application should include a brief statement of interest, a short CV, and a one-page abstract of work relevant to the meeting goals, which will be included in the meeting documents. It is strongly recommended that you complete these documents in separate word processor files before filling out this form. You can then copy and paste directly into the appropriate fields below. Note that all special formatting (font, style, etc.) is lost when you submit the form. When possible, please attempt to omit accent marks and special symbols from the content of your application. Please submit one application per applicant (no joint applications; if you are a group, note this in the "Statement of Interest" field).

Applications may only be submitted using this form. However, additional supporting documents (e.g., figures) may be e-mailed directly to the MARGINS Office ( if appropriate.

The MARGINS Office will confirm receipt of your application by close of business January 22, 2009. If you do not receive confirmation by this date then please notify the MARGINS Office by e-mail.

Direct any inquiries about this application form to, or phone (845) 365-8711.

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If you are applying for MARGINS funding, write brief statement of interest in the workshop:

Abstract of your contribution to the workshop:
Please include enough results/ideas to help conveners know how your work may contribute to the workshop program, and its themes, discussions, talks and posters. We would like to make these abstracts available on this website several weeks prior to the meeting, to assist participants in their meeting preparations.

Maximum one page. Include title, authors (give affiliations and e-mail addresses), and text of the abstract.

If you are applying for MARGINS funding, submit a short CV:
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Note: Your contact information, if not already registered with the MARGINS Office, will automatically be included in the MARGINS database for future receipt of related e-mails and the MARGINS biannual newsletter. This information stays within the MARGINS Office and is not released to any outside parties.

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When you have completed the form, please review carefully the information you have entered, then submit the request by clicking ONCE on the SUBMIT button below. Please do not click twice; if you need to change your application after submitting it, contact; please do not use this form to submit changes in your intitial application.


If you experience any problems with this form, please contact the MARGINS Office.

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