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MARGINS TEI: Volatiles in the Subduction Factory

Mt. Hood, Oregon
September 28- October 1, 2009

Convened by: E. Hauri (, P. van Keken (, K. Fischer (, C. Manning (, and G. Gaetani (

The MARGINS Office is pleased to announce a 4-day Theoretical and Experimental Institute (TEI) focused on the behavior, mass-balance, and influence of volatiles in subduction zones. The scope of the meeting will encompass research topics within MARGINS SubFac (Subduction Factory), SEIZE (Seismogenic Zone Experiment) and RCL (Rupturing Continental Lithosphere) initiatives that are directly influenced by subduction-related fluids. This multidisciplinary meeting will bring together geochemists, geophysicists and modelers to critically examine and discuss the current state of our knowledge on the budgets of H2O, CO2, N, F, S, Cl, noble gases and hydrocarbons, and their implications for rheology, mantle dynamics and geophysical observables, in the two SubFac focus sites.

Workshop Information

  • Announcement
  • Applications (June 1 Deadline)
  • List of Participants
  • Posters: Dimensions should be 4' x 4'
    You can pin up your posters starting Sunday (9/27) 6:30 PM in the Raven's Nest Room.
  • Registration: Collect your meeting folder and name tag during the registration session, 6:30-8:30 PM in the Barlow Room.
  • Drivers: Here are google directions from PDX to Timberline Lodge
  • Weather: It will be COLD so please pack warm clothes. Check the weather here.
  • Tentative Bus Schedules:

Workshop Documents


Useful Information

  • Conference venue; Timberline Lodge
  • Portland International Airport
    • Aiport map
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