MARGINS Announcements

  Target date or deadline, if applicable
Reminder: NSF MARGINS Deadline moved to July 1  
REMINDER: Costa Rica Focus Site Workshop Applications Due Applications due Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Results on the MARGINS Student Prize for Outstanding Presentation at AGU 2006  
Farewell Announcement  
REMINDER: Int'l Data Exchange Workshop Applications Due Applications due February 23, 2007
Sessions related to MARGINS science at 2007 Joint Assembly  
REMINDER: MARGINS Education Mini-Workshop Applications Due Applications due February 16, 2007
REMINDER: EarthScope-Related Workshop Applications Due Applications due February 15, 2007
MARGINS Education Mini-Workshop: Bringing MARGINS Science to the Classroom Application deadline: February 16, 2007
Messages from NSF regarding MGG and new MARGINS deadline Deadline July 1, 2007
International Data Exchange Workshop Announcement Application deadline: February 23, 2007
Workshop to Integrate Subduction Factory and Seismogenic Zone in Central America Application deadline: March 20, 2007
Workshop at EarthScope National Meeting Application deadline: February 15, 2007
Three Upcoming Workshops in 2007  
Reminder: MARGINS Events at AGU  
MARGINS Student Prize Deadline  
MARGINS Office Staff Changes  
MARGINS Prize for Outstanding Student Presentation at AGU 2006  
MARGINS at Fall AGU 2006  
Long cores from the Waipaoa focus area available to MARGINS Source-to Sink community  
MARGINS Distinguished Lectureship Program 2006-2007  
September 2006 MARGINS Source-to-Sink TEI  
Central America References, 2001-2006  
Details on MARGINS Book now available  
Call for interdisciplinary MARGINS mini-workshops  
Changes in the MARGINS Office  
"Teleconnections Between Source and Sink in Sediment Dispersal Systems" - MARGINS Source-to-Sink Theoretical and Experimental Institute Application deadline: June 27, 2006
Proposal deadline: August 1 annually
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Other Announcements

  Target date or deadline, if applicable
Undergraduate Summer Internships, Univ. of Minnesota Applications due March 5, 2007
IODP Workshop Annoucement Applications due April 1, 2007
East African Rift System Conference Applications due March 31, 2007
Summer School on Geodynamics and Magmatic Processes Applications due April 25, 2007
IODP International Workshop: Large Igneous Provinces Applications due March 15, 2007
MARGINS-Related Session at Spring AGU 2007  
MARGINS-related session at 2007 CGU meeting Abstracts due February 15, 2007
Summer Internships Available in Science Drilling Application deadline: March 1, 2007
Conference on the Evolution, Transfer and Release of Magmas and Volcanic Gases Abstracts due January 31, 2007
Subduction Zone Geodynamics Conference Application deadline: January 31, 2007
Two Sessions at EGU 2007 Abstracts due January 15, 2007
Call for IODP Workshop Proposals Submission deadline: February 1, 2007
Rupture Lithosphere at the IODP Town Hall Meeting 
International Meeting on Ocean Continent Transitions Abstracts due March 15, 2007
EGU 2007 Rifting SessionAbstracts due January 15, 2007
DOSECC and ICDP Town Hall Meeting at AGU 
Professionsal Development Workshop at the AGU Fall Meeting 
IODP Town Hall Meeting at AGU 
Geodynamics Sessions at 2007 Hedberg Conference 
AGU 2007 Joint Assembly Session Proposals  

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The MARGINS Office is hosted by Boston University

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