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December 2002

December 20th, 2002: President Bush Signs NSF Doubling Bill Into Law. On Thursday, 19 December President Bush signed into law H.R. 4664, a bill passed overwhelmingly this Fall by the House and Senate. The new law authorizes Congress to boost NSF's funding from $4.79 billion to $9.84 billion over five years. The law does not actually provide money—that requires a separate appropriations bill each year. But it lays out a path for Congress to nearly double NSF's allocation in core research areas, which includes the geosciences as part of Research and Related Activities (R&RA), as well as substantially increasing funding for new science infrastructure under the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction (MREFC) account. Read more on this AGU Science Legislative Alert web page.

December 18th, 2002: The Meetings page is updated, and a special web page summarizing MARGINS-related sessions at the EGU (EGS+EUG) — AGU Joint Assembly in Nice, France, in April 2003 has been posted.

December 4th, 2002: The Subduction Factory web pages on this web site have been reorganized to provide easier browsing and access of information.

December 3rd, 2002: Announcing the MARGINS Source-to-Sink Waipaoa Focus Area Workshop, to be held May 4-9, 2003 in Gisborne, Wellington, New Zealand. Information on the workshop and the application form are available at the Waipaoa 2003 workshop website.

December 2nd, 2002: MARGINS Newsletter #9, Fall 2002 issue is in print and available for download as a PDF file (2.1 MB) from our Newsletter page. Issue #9 is the thickest MARGINS newsletter ever, and contains, among other, an article on New Zealand rivers, an editorial column about marine mammals and conducting research in foreign countries, workshop reports and a thematic set of papers on the subject "Data Management in the Earth Sciences." This is important and interesting reading: please download and read it today!.

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November 2002

November 11th, 2002: MARGINS Town Meeting at the AGU Fall Meeting: The Source-to-Sink Initiative revisited. As previously reported on this page, concerns for the competitiveness of an earlier draft of the Source-to-Sink Science plan prompted a revision of the document. The revised version was released for community comments on October 4th, 2002. The MARGINS Office is organizing an AGU Town Meeting to discuss the revised science plan and the fiscal realities of the MARGINS program with the S2S community, cognizant NSF program directors and members of the MARGINS Steering Committee. The Town Meeting will be held at 7.00 PM on Saturday, 7th December, 2002, in Room 104 of the Moscone Convention Center.

November 5th, 2002: MARGINS Theoretical Institute on the Seismogenic Zone Experiment. A five-day workshop will be held in Snowbird, Utah in March, 2003, to review our current understanding, and plan for further activities of the Seismogenic Zone. Information about the workshop is provided in the Workshop Announcement, and applications should be made using the web-based application form accessible from the SEIZE 2003 meeting web site.

November 5th, 2002: Two new members have been appointed to the MARGINS Steering Committee. It is our pleasure to welcome Geoff Abers of Boston University, and Mark Reagan of the University of Iowa to this important assignment.

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October 2002

October 18th, 2002: The report from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Subduction Factory Workshop held in Honolulu, Hawaii, 8-12 September 2002, is now available to read online or download as a PDF file from the IBM 2002 workshop web site.

October 15th, 2002: The guidelines for preparing applications for the MARGINS post-doctoral fellowships have been updated to reflect new NSF proposal guidelines, and remove some redundancies.

October 8th, 2002: After months of delay, the U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee that oversees spending for the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA, EPA, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has drafted its version of a funding bill for fiscal year (FY) 2003, already one week old. The as-yet-unnumbered bill would provide NSF with $5.42 billion, nearly a 13% increase over FY 2002. The EarthScope project would receive $40 million, twice the amount allocated by the Senate and $5 million above the President's request. Research accounts at NSF would receive $4.1 billion (up over 15%) within which the Geosciences Directorate would receive $701 million (up 15%). Read the entire story at the AGU Science Legislative Alert web page.

October 6th, 2002: Important reminder 2: As several big meetings are coming up (among them GSA, AGU), it is stressed that all MARGINS-funded projects need to acknowledge MARGINS-NSF-funding by displaying the MARGINS-NSF logo on every conference contribution. This is not optional; it is a requirement from NSF. The logos can be downloaded in several different formats from the logo page.

October 6th, 2002: Important reminder 1: As the NSF deadline (1 November) draws closer, all proposal writers are reminded of this very important notice : Effective October 1, 2002, NSF will return without review proposals that do not separately address both merit review criteria within the Project Summary.

October 4th, 2002: Revised draft of the Source-to-Sink Science Plan posted for comments. In spite of the efforts of a large number of people and several community workshops, both the NSF and the MARGINS Steering Committee were concerned about the competitiveness of the previous draft of the Source-to-Sink (S2S) science plan compared those of the other three MARGINS initiatives. To remedy this situation, a small group of scientists from the sedimentary geology and S2S communities was commissioned to revise the science plan, building on the firm foundation provided by the earlier drafts. The MARGINS Office is organizing an AGU Town Meeting at 6.45 PM on Saturday, 7th December, 2002, to ventilate the revised science plan and the fiscal realities of the MARGINS program with the S2S community, cognizant NSF program directors and members of the MARGINS Steering Committee. Please keep visitng this web site for updates.

October, 2002: As recently reported in Nature (vol. 419, 26 September 2002, page 328) the MARGINS-NSF-IFREE workshop on the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Subduction Factory (IBM 2002) was held last month in Honolulu, Hawai'i. In the next few weeks, presentations and other material from the workshop will be posted on the IBM 2002 web site, which is hosted by MARGINS.

October, 2002: The MARGINS Steering Committee met in Honolulu, Hawai'i immediately following the IBM 2002 workshop. The agenda for the meeting is posted on this web site, and highlights from the meeting will be published in the upcoming issue of the MARGINS Newsletter, which will be published prior to the AGU Fall Meeting 2002. One very important item was that Julie D. Morris of Washington University in St. Louis was elected as the next MARGINS chair. The MARGINS Steering Committee web page is updated to reflect recent changes.

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September 2002

September 6th, 2002: The penultimate draft of Living on a Restless Planet , the blue ribbon Solid Earth Science Working Group's (SESWG) long term vision for NASA's solid Earth Science program, is available for review and comment at
You are encouraged to carefully review this document and to comment on the report directly to the SESWG at The report will be available for review through September 30, 2002

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August 2002

August 28th, 2002: New workshop: R/V Maurice Ewing Midlife Refit Workshop posted on the Meetings page

August 27th, 2002: Several updates to the IBM 2002 Workshop web site. Material of interest to non-participants is and will be posted, so keep checking this page.

August 22nd, 2002: You can now search both the MARGINS web site and the entire internet for earth science-specific scientific information on the internet via the Scirus Science Search Engine directly from the MARGINS Search page.

August 16th, 2002: This News page has changed appearance. Old news items are now contained in archives (reached from current News page). An Announcements web page has been added, which contains convenient links to important announcements made in different contexts on this web site and/or the MARGINS Mailing List.

August 15th, 2002: Deadlines for the AGU Fall Meeting 2002 are closing in and several MARGINS-related sessions are planned.

August 12th, 2002: NSF-OCE contained in their Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter a very important statement about research ship safety and security. The importance of this document, and its implications to future work in the northern Red Sea Focus Area, are reiterated on this web page.

August 12th, 2002: A Request For Proposals for Focus Site data management has been posted on the Related Documents page.

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July 2002

July 31st, 2002: The web site for the MARGINS-NSF-IFREE workshop on the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Subduction Factory is now online.

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June 2002

June 27th, 2002: The MARGINS-NSF Awards database is updated with the funded programs for 2002, as well as some cosmetic changes to make browsing projects easier.

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May 2002

May 31st, 2002: The Spring 2002 issue of the MARGINS Newsletter, number 8, is off to the presses and is also available for download as a PDF file from the MARGINS Newsletter page.

May 15th, 2002: The European Union of Geosciences (EUG) and the European Geophysical Society (EGS) have for some time discussed the creation of a new European organisation for the Geosciences, Ocean, Atmospheric and Solar System Sciences. On 26th April 2002 the EUG Council had a very cordial meeting with the Council of EGS where the creation of a new Association, which would evolve from the two present organisations, was decided. The notes of the meeting are available on the web at

May 7th, 2002: The report from the EarthScope workshop "The Making and Breaking of a Continent" held in Snowbird, Utah, October 10-12th, 2001, entitled "EarthScope. Scientific Targets for the World's largest Observatory Pointed at the Solid Earth" is now available for download as a PDF file at the EarthScope web site.

May 1st, 2002: A MARGINS web site for the planning of a Community Sediment Model (CSM) offers the program and presentations (requires Internet Explorer 5 or later, or a PDF viewer) from the 2002 CSM workshop held in February in Boulder, CO. You can also join an online discussion forum and get information on upcoming events.

May 1st, 2002: The InterMARGINS web site has a new look and expanded content. You can now sign up for a mailing list, there is a schedule of upcoming meetings and more.

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April 2002

April 9th, 2002: The NANTROSEIZE workshop annoucement has been added to the Meetings page.

April 1st, 2002: The Meetings page has been updated.

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March 2002

March 19th, 2002: The NSF-IFREE MARGINS Workshop on the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Subduction System in Honolulu, Hawaii, September 8-12, 2002 is now open for applications. More information on the Meetings page.

March 19th, 2002: On February 27th, the web master of this web site was hit by a car when biking to work, resulting in among other a fractured leg. However, yours truly is now back, and will resume the activities on this news page. Please check back for updates in the near future.

March 13-14th, 2002: The MARGINS Steering Committee met at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. Highlights from the meeting will be pubished in the upcoming issue of the newsletter.

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February 2002

February 13th, 2002: MARGINS-related NSF award data is now available on this web site. The second part of the award database for NSF-funded MARGINS-related proposals can be accessed either directly via this link or from the Related Documents page. Related projects awards will be posted in the near future.

February 7th, 2002: MARGINS-NSF award data is now available on this web site. The first part of the award database for NSF-funded MARGINS proposals is now available either directly via this link or from the Related Documents page. A complete set with MARGINS-related and other related projects awards will be posted in the near future.

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January 2002

January 18th, 2002: IMPORTANT! The problem with Netscape 4.x browsers and the MARGINS web site has now been taken care of, and the web site should work properly for all browsers from version 4 and up. However, Netscape 4.x handles layers in a different way than other browsers, which necessitates maintaining an alternative mirror site, specially coded for this browser version. If you use Netscape 4.x and have links directly to any pages within the web site, you will need to update them! If you don't have any direct links, you shouldn't notice any changes (except possibly that some problems have disappeared). Another method is to update to either the current version of Netscape (6.2), or use a recent version of MS Internet Explorer, both downloadable for free.

January 9th, 2002: The MARGINS Post-doctoral Fellowship Program has been released and published on the web site. The document can be downloaded as a PDF file, too.

January 8th, 2002: The MARGINS Data Policy has been published on the web site. Please read this important document carefully. A database section of this web site, allowing input and retrieval of data, will be operational soon (it's launching will be announced on the mailing list and on this page).

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